Colin Powell Declines To Endorse President Obama

Source: Scott Stump / MSNBC

Though he believes President Obama has had several significant achievements during his first term, Gen. Colin Powell stopped short of giving him an official endorsement in the upcoming election.

Powell appeared on TODAY Tuesday to promote his new book, “It Worked for Me,’’ a compilation of lessons learned throughout his life. The Secretary of State under President George W. Bush endorsed Obama for president in 2008, calling him a transformational figure who could institute generational change. But while Powell lauds the president’s accomplishments, he is not ready to offer his endorsement just yet.

“I think he has been (a transformational figure), (but) not completely,’’ Powell told Matt Lauer. “There are some things that he has done that I wish he had not done – for example, leave Guantanamo open. I would’ve closed that rapidly. He tried, (and) he was stopped by Congress.”

One of Obama’s most significant achievements has been to reverse a spiraling economy, according to Powell.

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