Edwards Attorneys Go After Ex-Aide’s Wife

Source: AP / CBS News

GREENSBORO, N.C. — The wife of a former aide to John Edwards rebuffed questions Tuesday about whether she had any incentive to lie to hurt the former presidential candidate.

“Sir, I’m here to tell the truth about my experiences, about my life,” Cheri Young said in response to one of Edwards’ defense lawyers. “It was a lie when we accepted paternity for your client and that is why we are here today.”

Her husband, Andrew Young, was among Edwards’ closest aides in 2007, when the couple became embroiled in a year-long effort to cover up the former U.S. senator’s extramarital affair and the pregnancy that resulted from it.

Both Youngs have testified at Edwards’ campaign finance corruption trial that the candidate asked Andrew to issue a statement falsely claiming paternity of the child Edwards fathered with his mistress, Rielle Hunter. At the time, Edwards was a top-tier presidential candidate and it was just weeks away from the crucial Iowa caucuses.

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