Bounty Scandal: Four Saints Suspended, Vilma For All Of 2012

Source: Michael David Smith / Pro Football Talk / MSNBC

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has lowered the hammer on four New Orleans Saints players who were involved in the team’s bounty scandal, with Jonathan Vilma leading the way and getting one of the most significant suspensions in NFL history.

Vilma has been banished for all of 2012, effective immediately and through the Super Bowl, for his role in the bounty scandal. Vilma reportedly put $10,000 cash on the table in the team’s meeting room and said the cash would go to anyone who could knock Brett Favre out of the NFC Championship Game in January of 2010.

Anthony Hargrove was given an eight-game suspension after the NFL said that he, too, targeted Favre in the NFC Championship Game. Will Smith was suspended four games. The NFL says he worked with former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams in setting up the bounty program. Browns linebacker Scott Fujita was given a three-game suspension for his role in the bounty program.

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