Geraldo To O’Reilly: Trayvon 7-Eleven Tape Shows ‘He’s Dressed In Thug Wear’ (VIDEO)

Source: Frances Martel / Mediaite

Geraldo Rivera is not letting Trayvon Martin‘s wardrobe escape scrutiny as the court begins work on the George Zimmerman trial, calling his black hoodie “thug wear.” On The O’Reilly Factor last night, Rivera dismissed the THC in Martin’s bloodstream as a serious issue, but once again noted that, given his size and wardrobe, he considered it reasonable for Zimmerman to think Martin could be a criminal, something Bill O’Reilly was quick to call profiling.

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  • Rob

    The interesting reason they think this talk is justified ….quick read…

  • joeflyde

    Wearing a hoodie isn’t a crime, but I am teaching my son that it is improper to wear a hat, hoodie or head covering inside a building, public or private.

  • Abbi Spaniel

    This hispanic looking guy on the video, does he have papers, he looks like an undocumented, he sounds a little spanish , and this face book guy Zuckerberg.. he has a hoodie and is there any doubt that a guy who just made 20 Billion in a day , only became a Zillionair because of his :thugwear”??? Geraldo is has gone off the the deep end !!! Stop paying attention to a has been.
    Abbi Spaniel,