How Will African-American Voters Respond To Pres. Obama’s Support Of Same-Sex Marriage? (VIDEO)

Roland Martin appears in The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer to discuss the fallout from President Obama expressing his support of same-sex marriage in an exclusive ABC News interview.

  • Carvershoresflorida

    We will not vote for him plain and simple!!!!! Southern African Amercan woman here! Civil Union-YES! Same Sex Marraige-NEVER!!!

    • I concur.

      • Dawnsnew2005

         So what!!!! Anybody is is simple minded enough to let this issue, which are his personal feelings, keep you from going out and voting for him then, YOU DESERVE PRESIDENT ROMNEY! Good luck to your children progressing at all in the next 4 to 8 yrs.!!! I don’t even support gay marriage but, I also don’t support the many, many sins that all people commit everyday!

        • Do you! These are my personal feelings and belief.