Judge Denies Marissa Alexander New Trial Despite ‘Stand Your Ground’ Claim

Source: Charles Broward  / Jacksonville.com

A judge denied a Jacksonville woman convicted in a 2010 shooting a new trial Thursday morning despite her Stand Your Ground claim against an abusive husband.

Marissa Danielle Alexander, 31, now faces a 20-year mandatory term in prison in her sentencing set for May 11. A jury found her guilty of three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Circuit Judge James Daniel is considering, however, acquitting Alexander on one of her three charges as the result of the testimony of one of the three victims. That victim, the son of her husband, Rico Gray, recounted his previous accounts to authorities when he testified at Alexander’s trial that he was not in fear of his life during the shooting.

Authorities said Alexander shot in Gray’s direction during a dispute at their home with his two children in the house.

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