Jurors Deliberate For 2nd Day In Hudson Murders Trial

Source: Jason Meisner and Stacy St. Clair / Chicago Tribune

Jurors will continue deliberating the fate of actress Jennifer Hudson‘s former brother-in-law Thursday, choosing between contradicting portraits of him painted during closing arguments.

The racially diverse panel must decide whether William Balfour is an innocent victim of a rushed investigation or if he’s a jealous, jilted husband determined to destroy the woman who refused his attempts at reconciliation.

In doing so, they will weigh the evidence in a largely circumstantial case that has no DNA or fingerprints tying him to the crime. Prosecutors spent more than two hours Wednesday urging the jury to consider powerful evidence of Balfour’s motive and trying to dispel the notion that it requires overwhelming forensic evidence to convict.

The jury of six women and six men deliberated for several hours into Wednesday night before being sequestered at a local hotel.

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