Michael Jordan Gatorade Ad Sends Dangerous Message, Health Advocate Says (VIDEO)

Source: Ron Dicker / The Huffington Post

Many people who have a high fever can barely watch basketball, let alone play it at a championship level. So an ad that implies Michael Jordan’s gulping of Gatorade helped him beat the flu in a 1997 NBA Finals game has one watchdog group calling foul.

The Public Health Advocacy Institute has urged the Federal Trade Commission to yank the ad because it encourages teen athletes to play through a dangerous condition when they should be home in bed.

In a letter reported by USA Today, the institute told the FTC: “The Jordan Ad openly promotes engaging in vigorous physical activity while suffering from a very high fever, in Jordan’s case 103 degrees. It is a generally recognized safety principle that teens and even professional athletes suffering from a severe fever and flu-like symptoms should not engage in vigorous physical activity.”

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