More Details Emerge In Trayvon Martin Investigation

Source: CNN

Trayvon Martin’s girlfriend, talking to him on the telephone, heard the teenager saying “get off, get off,” in the moments before his cell phone cut off and he was shot dead, according to a recording released Friday of the girl’s interview with a prosecutor.

Another witness, however, seems to put Martin on top of George Zimmerman for at least part of the struggle, according to another recording.

“When I first walked out there, the black guy was on top, and the only reason I can tell that was because the guy that was on the ground under him at that point wrestling was definitely a lighter color,” the man, whose name has not been made public, said in the interview.

When first interviewed, the witness said the individual on the bottom was calling for help. But a few weeks later, in another interview, he said he wasn’t sure.

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