MUST SEE: Zimmerman Family Photo Suggests He Has African-American Heritage (VIDEO)

CNN Legal Analyst Mark Nejame shares an exclusive Zimmerman family photo which suggests he has African American heritage


  • And he still KILLED an unarmed teenager so this has NOTHING to do with him murdering a young man!!!

    • They said his mom was peruvian, so her parents and grandparents were not african american. they might have had african descent but so does most of south america. this has nothing to do with racial profiling. even blacks have racial profiled other blacks. stupid and pointless facts that have no bearing on the case.

  • …………….this is me caring.  I don’t care if his entire family is black.  Racial profiling is exclusively a white person’s thing, or a hispanic person’s thing.  How many people of color have encountered black cops and been treated worse, because of the color of their skin?  Bottom line……..he killed an unarmed child.  Had he not stalked him, and brought a gun with him, we would not be having this conversation.  

  • jb

    Yea a d many say Hitler had Jewish ancestry , so what?? He also made insulting remarks about Mexicans .