Pres. Obama Touts Marriage Stance, Fairness — Hollywood Answers With $15M For Campaign

Source: Mark Knoller / CBS News

LOS ANGELES – “I want to thank Clooney for letting us use his basketball court” – words never before spoken by a U.S. president – until Thursday night.

Those words passed the lips of President Obama as he thanked actor and activist George Clooney for hosting an Obama Campaign fundraiser at his estate in Studio City, CA. Movie mogul David Katzenberg was also an organizer of the event, which he said generated nearly $15 million. That makes it by far the single biggest Obama Campaign fundraiser to date.

The price of admission was $40,000 – well over average U.S. per capita income, which stands at $27,334, according to the Census Bureau. It’s also 77 percent of the median household income of $51,914.

Ticket sales from the 150 or so guests brought in about $6 million. The additional $9 million in revenue came from a sweepstakes run by the Obama Campaign – offering supporters contributing as little as $3.00 the chance to win “An Evening with President Obama and George Clooney.”

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