Pastor Against Gay Marriage, For Obama (VIDEO)

A popular pastor at a predominately black church in Cincinnati explains how he can oppose the president’s stance on gay marriage but still support him as a candidate. (May 10)

  • So how does he explain the fact that Obama has done way more for gays than he has for Blacks? {{-_-}}

    • obama uses his blackness for the purpose of vote getting while he governs with his white side I don’t think he gives a damn about black ppl overall.  He is more concerned with transforming this country to a foreign nation with all taxpayer benefits going 2 foreigners.  Obama has done nothing to even acknowledge black ppl in general but he never fails to speak on behalf of illegal aliens, gays, white women who pay more in tax than her boss but fails to mention that the sec. makes more in one month than the average black person makes in 6 months or even a year. blk men R murdered in public by the scores by police not one mention by the president., mass incarceration,disportionately black men Fake , war on drugs that is really a war on black men statisticts proves more white ppl use,sell transport drugs than blacks but they are not incarceratrd at the same rate this president has selective issues that he will insert himself into, issues concerning black ppl are not on his agenda now nor in his next term should he get another 4 yrs.

  • I just can’t and won’t understand HOW any ‘Pastor’ can say I don’t support Same Sex Marriage…but I support The President….the same President that supports, endorses and believes that homosexuals should be allowed to marry? So ‘Pastors’ let me ask you again..What Are You Supporting and are you preaching and teaching ‘your church’ to support who and what you support?