Planned Parenthood Sting Caught On Video, Released By Anti-Abortion Activists

Source: The Huffington Post

A group of anti-abortion activists that Planned Parenthood has suspected is targeting it in a hoax investigation released the first of a series of videos on Tuesday that purportedly shows Planned Parenthood encouraging the selective abortions of girls in the United States.

The activist group, Live Action, sent pregnant actors posing as patients to Planned Parenthood clinics across the country and had them ask a certain pattern of questions about sex-selective abortions. The result of the undercover operation is a series of videos called “Gendercide: Sex-Selection in America,” which Live Action says will expose the problem of gendercide in the United States and show how Planned Parenthood facilitates it.

The first video released on Tuesday shows a Planned Parenthood staffer at a clinic in Austin, Texas, answering an actor-patient’s questions about a sex-selective abortion. Suggesting that she wants to have an abortion if the fetus turns out to be a girl, the visitor asks the staffer how soon she can detect the gender with an ultrasound.

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