President Obama Ended April With $115 Million, Nearly Twice What Romney Has

Source: Fredreka Schouten / USA Today

President Obama ended April with more than $115 million on hand, nearly twice the $61.4 million Republican Mitt Romney and the Republican National Committee said they had in the bank at month’s end, according to reports just filed with the Federal Election Commission.

Obama spent more than $14.6 million in April as his aides worked to register voters and build a campaign infrastructure in key battleground states. Just over half his contributions came in chunks of $200 or less in April.

His campaign previously reported collecting $43.6 million with the Democratic National Party and several joint fundraising accounts last month.

Romney, the GOP’s presumptive nominee, has not filed details of his April fundraising with the FEC, but this week announced a combined $40.1 million haul with the Republican National Committee.

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