Roland S. Martin Daily Podcast 05.10.12: Pastor Jamal Bryant On Pres. Obama’s Decision To Support Same-Sex Marriage And If There Will Be A Great Divide In The Black Church

Roland Martin talks with Pastor Jamal Bryant about President Obama endorsing same-sex marriage.

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  • I believe MOST black pastors WILL NOT speak about this on Sunday. I will report back and let you know what my pastor says or doesn’t say……

  • Buddbo1

    Jamal Bryant,  is the last person in the world to criticize the president’s support of gay marriages.  This pseudo preacher has made a mockery of church leadership while pimping out his congregation.  He has a baby with his teenage baby sitter, that’s rape.  He has children outside of marriage and within his marriage with other females, he’s taken to court for failure to pay child support, he threaten his baby’s mother for taking him to court, etc.  Please, the black community doesn’t need a thuggish pastor preaching to anyone from the pulpit on Sundays.  Most of us lead a more moral life than Jamal most days of the week. I was disappointed that Roland had him as spokesperson on Tom Joyner’s Show. Roland pulled from the bottom of the septic tank to have Jamal make judgement about the president’s opinion !