Roland S. Martin Daily Podcast 05.14.12: Rep. Corrine Brown Discusses The Marissa Alexander Case, The 20 Year Mandatory Minimum Sentence And The Stand Your Ground Law

Roland Martin talks with Congresswoman Corrine Brown about the Marissa Alexander case about the 20 yearn mandatory minimum sentence in Alexander’s controversial stand your ground case.

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  • Malika Anderson

    How can someone kill a person and get bail, but Mrs. Alexander shots a warning shot and gets 20 years for it. It does not make sense. Where is the justice? No, she should not have taken the plea  bargain, because who did she kill? She was fending off her attacker. I guess if she would have killed him maybe she would be home with her daughter, but no she does not have “The complexion for the PROTECTION.~Paul Mooney. America’s judicial system is built around protecting its kind; which does not include black people or any other minority in this country. We as black people and minorities have to at some point come to that conclusion. Look at the Native American Indians they did not want to be part of a system that does not care about their needs and wants or that was not going to be FAIR so they separated from it. There is a lesson and message that we all can learn from them and we should listen. Creating our own is not a bad idea, because it gets tiring trying to be a part of something that does not really want you or want you to be a part of them. Race is here to stay, because America is still wants to sweep it under the rug.