What’s The Ask: What Should African-Americans Demand Of Politicians In Return For Our Vote (VIDEO)

It’s no secret that the vast majority of African Americans will vote for President Obama, but that does not mean we should not be asking for something in return from the President and all the politicians who get our vote. We’ve seen over the last few weeks how groups like the LGBT and Latino communities have gotten politicians like President Obama to act on their agenda.

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We need to begin for formulate just what we are asking politicians for, in exchange for our support. I call it “The Black Ask.”

We will be gathering ideas for this on Washington Watch, but right now we want to hear from you. Please post your thoughts on just what The Black Ask should be.

  • Miranda

    Since so many of our children are disproportionately affected by pre-existing conditions at birth, I want insurers to stop using that as a tool to deny coverage…oh wait…got that.

    Since mortgage companies were fradulently signing up minorities for subprime loans when they actually qualified for traditional mortgages I want them prosecuted by the Justice Dept! Oh…wait….that’s happening.

    There has been too much delaying of the Black Farmers Settlement, appropriate the funds and pass the legislation to pay them now!…oh..done? ok.

    Since black men are disproportionately incarcerated, there should be more of an effort for job training and helping them find employment upon release! Oh…this administration began such a program 3 years ago?

    State, county and city governments have high percentages of African-american employees, thus the layoffs in the public sector are what has contributed to the unemployment rate of AAs….and this is the doing of governors like Scott Walker, Rick Snyder, etc……not President Obama and the generic “politicians” you threw on the end. So I guess you need to reframe that question huh Roland?

  • Ebogan63

    How’s about black folks ‘ask’  for their state and local politicians to be more involved in their communities, since they can better help deal and are more familiar with these issues than the federal gov’t, and why don’t you, Roland ‘ask’ black folks to go to WH.gov to learn more about what this admin. has done for black folks, since you are erroneously positing the rather specious argument that ‘PBO has only done for LGBT and hispanics, and nothing for black folks’ nonsense.

  • itgurl_29

    Folks, please be aware of what Roland is trying to do here. He’s trying to lower President Obama’s approval rating in the black community by claiming that he is neglecting us while catering to Latinos and the LGBT community. It’s divisive and it’s a lie. But Roland’s a media puppet. This is what he’s paid to do. To get rid of this black president and make sure to get Romney and Bain in the White House.

    Don’t fall for it and don’t let him divide us.

    At this link is the “African Americans for Obama” campaign page. If you scroll down, you’ll be able to click on and you’ll see a link for a pdf file which lists just some of the things that President Obama has done specifically for the black community.


  • Lou Clayton

    The Black Ask of President Obama should be – “Mr. President how can we help you and ourselves?

  • MonieTalks

    Pundits like you say BIacks should be angry about failing schools, rising college costs and cuts in Pell grants and other job training programs.  So, I want to know why there  are so few Blacks in House on the Education and Workforce Committee.  Out of 40 members, only two are Black.

    Pundits like you also pushed the meme that people should be angry at the PBO for the negotiations he made on the debt deal (meanwhile during his first two years, Democrats including the CBC kicked the Bush tax cuts and other issues down the road), yet on the House Budget Committee, out of 38 members, only two are Black.

    There are plenty of initiatives, legislation, and other programs that can benefit Black people.  It is a  shame that folks like you perpetuate the  silliness that something a law has to be named  “H.R.  So and So Act for Black folks” to realize it is a benefit to our communities.

  • robjh1

    Blacks should demand that they be respected and not taken for granted.  Stop the pandering during election time and then forgetting about us after you are in. Don’t think we won’t and shouldn’t look at the other party. Simple because we are black doesn’t mean we are liberal. Not every black person agrees with the entire democratic agenda. Also note, there are quite a few black moderates and republicans and this doesn’t make us any less tolerate for civil rights for all. Respect us!

  • Bhsherrod

    The “Black Ask” should be “How do we (Black Americans) understand the significance, the value and the fundamental principles of economic development? Meaning, we must go in business for ourselves — and especially opening businesses in neighborhoods that consistently suffer with blight and distress where we live. Therefore, we must ask the Obama Administration to tailor programs for this endeavor. We must employ our “unemployable” youth; we must be willing to undertake the enterprises that do not pay millions right away, and we Black business owners must treat the Black customers/consumers as valued patrons also.    /s/ B.H.Sherrod

  • Vwins339

    I want to ask the president to do an executive order for Federal first time non-violent offenders to expunge and /or  pardon  their criminal records automatically  after 3 years and have the offense  deleted from the FBI data base. so the offense cannot be used to prohibit the ability to secure employment.  Prohibit an employer from asking an existing employee about the individual’s arrest record.  Abolish manatory minimum sentencing.  Increase equal pay for women.