The Mo’ Kelly Report: It’s Okay For President Obama To Earn Black Votes

Source: The Mo’ Kelly Report

In this 24-hour news cycle, ostensibly we should be inundated with more news, information and substantive analysis, which would provide a solid foundation to measure the performance of politicians.

Instead, we seem to get bogged down in soundbite minutia, to the point we miss the obvious.

For example, when President Obama spoke about immigration reform while in Cartagena, Colombia last month, the rest of us were still too busy cackling over the absurdity of the Secret Service prostitution scandal. The real news was that President Obama promised immigration reform in the first year of his second term.

Yes, he’s running for re-election and is seeking to shore up his Latino support, but seemingly, the tired meme of President Obama not being the president of “just” (insert group) but of “all Americans” was nowhere to be found in an editorial sense.

But that’s ok, President Obama did sing for us. That should count for something.  Sales ofLet’s Stay Together jumped 490%.  Al Green should definitely be voting for President Obama.

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