WASHINGTON WATCH: Are African-American Woman Choosing To Be Overweight? (VIDEO)

Roland Martin talks with author, motivational speaker and yoga instructor Jacquie Hood Martin, LA Fitness instructor Michelle Gibson and Janice Ferebee, founder of Got It Goin’ On about why black women have a higher overweight and obesity rate than their white counterparts and tackle the raging social media debate over novelist Alice Randall’s New York Times column that implies black women choose to be overweight.

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    This is such a great segment. I started my weight loss journey over 2 years ago and I started with parking further away from the door, not using the drive-thru(if I didn’t feel like getting out to get it, then that meant I didn’t need it), and using the steps. Now I have lost 100 lbs and I have changed my lifestyle. It’s great to have curves as I have come to grips with the fact that I always will, but coming from a family that has many health problems due to weight, I felt like I needed to break the cycle. It can be done. Thanks for this segment!