Zimmerman’s Attorney: Trayvon’s Social Media Posts Fair Game

Source: Frances Robles / The Miami Herald

SANFORD — George Zimmerman’s defense attorney says he will not comment on a Myspace page that portrays his client in a “less-than-favorable” light, because the racially charged social media postings could come up at his murder trial.

But he hinted that if Zimmerman’s postings will be scrutinized in court, Trayvon Martin’s would be too.

The Miami Herald reported that Zimmerman had a Myspace social media account where he wrote insulting remarks about Mexicans. He referred to an ex-girlfriend as a “hoe,” talked about beating a felony rap and complained that every Mexican he ran into pulled a knife on him. One line suggested that friends went to jail rather than snitch on him.

“Workin 96 hours to get a decent pay check, gettin knifes pulled on you by every mexican you run into!” Zimmerman wrote.

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  • Seems fair to me. You can’t look into his background and not Trayvon’s.

    • Jacquelineburnz

      Teens have a lot of “alter ego ” postings. Often done to shock/ look daring among their peers. Many 12-18 year old girls pose in lingerie and parents don’t have a clue. Teen guys try it imitate the Scareface image etc., but no racist rants !!

      • This case will come down to one thing. Who started the fight. Trayvon’s twitter and facebook post promoted violence. There is also a rumor Trayvon Martin hit a bus driver. If the defense puts someone on the stand that verify this, it will be damaging.

        • Jacquelineburnz

          Rumor about Trayvon vs. numerous documented violent attacks by GZ .

  • Ali

    Let them pull Trayvon’s page. The difference is…Trayvon was a CHILD! What teenager doesn’t have silly outlandish stuff on their page? Zimmerman is a GROWN MAN! Why would an almost 30 year old be talking about getting knifed by Mexican’s and beating felony raps?  I say get both pages…then compare Trayvon’s FB page to a random sampling of other teen’s pages, and do the same with Zimmerman’s against a random sampling of 27 year old pages. Let’s see who looks the worst?

    • RJ

      Let’s look and see who stalked who, who shot who, who is dead!!!