Walker’s Wisconsin Win Big Blow To Unions, Smaller One To Obama

Source: John Helton and Tom Cohen / CNN

In a vote that could have implications on both the November presidential race and for organized labor, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker on Tuesday successfully overcame a recall vote that would have removed him from office.

With almost all of the votes in, Walker, a Republican hero for pushing austerity measures that stripped collective bargaining rights from most public unions, led Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett by a 53-46 margin.

Tuesday’s vote was the culmination of a 15-month near-civil war that pitted unions and Democratic supporters against fiscal conservatives and Republicans after Walker signed a bill in March 2011 passed by the Republican-controlled legislature that took collective bargaining rights away from public employee unions in a effort to close the state’s budget gap.

Tens of thousands of demonstrators opposing Walker crowded the grounds around the state capitol and hung banners of protest in its rotunda after Walker signed the bill and kicked off a recall drive that gathered 900,000 signatures — nearly 400,000 more than required.

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  • robjh1

    This win puts Dems on notice: come prepared or don’t come at all.