Facebook Quietly Swaps Email Addresses On Profiles

Source: Chenda Ngak / CBS News

Facebook recently assigned @facebook.com email addresses to all users – even without opting in to the feature. And the company reportedly changed the settings across all profiles to reflect the new email address.

Facebook email addresses are by default the same as your public username. The company announced a messaging client that unified Facebook messages with email in 2010, which was promoted as a “seamless messaging” experience.

Emails sent to @facebook.com accounts are directed to the Facebook message center, the same way that an in-network message would be received.

Facebook email is meant to switch seamlessly from email, instant messaging and mobile messages. If a user is online, they can receive instant messages. Once they sign offline, people can use the same IM window, but the message will be sent to the user’s inbox instead. The feature is similar to the Gmail and Gtalk integration.

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  • Ariandme

    It seems to me that this opens us all up to spam. It anyone knows our username, they know our email address? What the tomfoolery is this?