George Zimmerman’s Donations Spike On His Return To Jail

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Source: Matt Gutman, Seni Tienabeso, Matthew Rosenbaum / ABC News

Donations to the legal defense fund of George Zimmerman have surged since the accused killer of Miami teenager Trayvon Martin has been ordered back to jail, his lawyer told ABC News today.

Attorney Mark O’Mara said Zimmerman’s online defense fund has been receiving about $1,000 a day in donations, but the pace picked up after a judge required Zimmerman to return to jail.

Zimmerman, 28, woke up today in a 9-foot by 7-foot isolation cell in the Seminole County jail today after surrendering Sunday. He was in shackles and wearing a bullet-proof vest after being taken into custody Sunday.

A judge ordered Zimmerman back into custody Friday after prosecutors presented jailhouse tapes of Zimmerman talking to his wife Shelly and allegedly discussing how much money was in his online defense fund. His wife told the court that they had no money to post for bail.

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  • Oaodesign

    Just goes to show that racism is alive and well in this country!

  • Gerianjames

    Now the judge should raise his bail to 1 million dollars!! We live in such a sick world. So sad!!

  • Oranges Upstairs

    some white folks really believe he was justified in stalking and killing this kid. they really think that we are all suspicious and must justify our existence to ANY of them on demand. some white folks need to get over their superiority complex or it’ll come back to bite them really. really. really hard.

    if Trayvon kicked his ass for stalking him – TRAYVON was justified.

    Zimmerman killed the kid b/c he got his ass whooped and his ego was hurt, not self defense.