Holder Rejects Resignation Call At Heated Senate Hearing (VIDEO)

Source: Dana Bash, Terry Frieden and Tom Cohen / CNN

Washington – Attorney General Eric Holder on Tuesday rejected a GOP call to resign, telling a heated Senate hearing that Republicans were trying to score political points instead of addressing significant issues.

Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, leveled the harshest criticism, accusing Holder of misleading Congress over what he and other top Justice Department officials knew about the Fast and Furious program and refusing to appoint a special counsel to investigate leaked national security details in recent media reports.

“I’m afraid we’ve come to an impasse,” Cornyn said, adding that Holder “violated the public trust” in his view. “With regret, you’ve left me with no choice but to join those who call for you to resign your office.”

Holder responded by calling Cornyn’s list of allegations “almost breathtaking in its inaccuracy” and said: “I don’t have any intention of resigning.”

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  • He shouldn’t resign.  There is nothing he did that demands it.

  • really hard not to hate these cynical, bullying white dudes like Cronyn…especially since Ashcroft was the ultimate racist criminal attorney general, hate white dudes like this