Roland S. Martin Daily Podcast 06.08.12: New Study Claims Black Girls Do Not Benefit As Much From Exercise As White Girls Do

Roland Martin talks with Jeanette Jenkins about a new study stating that African-American girls do not benefit as much from exercise as their white counterparts do.

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  • jordan23

    Is it because we don’t get as skinny and curveless as a 10-year old boy?

  • DennisCLatham

    bull crap- I don’t believe that study – nor do I trust any study that is performed by a PROBABLE  ALL WHITE  – UNFAIR AND UNEQUAL research team – sounds like a plot to brainwash black women into not exercising …… because it won’t do them any good – or it doesn’t do them much good.

  • Howie B

    Its has nothing to do with race…it has everything to do with diet ! … the thing is… black girls dont eat the same as white girls… black girls turn their nose up at oatmeal…and balsamic vinagrette salad dressing ! I believe it has to do with diet… decades of eating cheap foods, and the current diets of fast foods and raising kids on fast foods….thats all it is… stop making it a race thing !