Roland S. Martin Daily Podcast 06.12.12: Pastor Marvin Winans Discusses Fatherless Boys, Disciplining Children And His New CD

  • You know I will never understand people NEVER, please tell me why when Mr.Martin asked Pastor Winans the question “what can we do to confront what is happening with our children and with our family”he immediately mentions somebodies elses public crisis. Why do people make mention of other peoples situation when they #1 have no clue as to the full details and #2 it’s really nobobies business but Gods and the immediate parties involved. I really will never understand the mentality of the human race. Surely all the attacks against the Black Clergy is clearly satans way of destroying the witness of the church. Who cares what Pastor Dollar did in the privacy of his home that a immature family member exposed. If that gal wouldn’t have been out of line to begin this conversation would be non existant. People need to get real…..I am not a man therefore I am not able to address the real problem and quite frankly I wouldn’t !!!! not because I could careless but because I firmly believe it is the role,job,duty,responsibility of the African American Male to step up his game and return to the principle and law of GOD and TEACH OUR AFRICAN AMERICAN MALE YOUTH AND YOUNG ADULTS. They need role models who are not afraid to feel their pain, step into their lives and help them identify their struggles and teach them how to WIN in LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • TwoWrongs

      You have a great way of communicating… but your message is lost in what sounds like a rant. Say less and mean more.

      • Sis Sandra Kendell

        Thank you very much I receive that with my whole heart…I agree…I do talk to much. I hate that to . I guess I have been silent so long about so many things until when do speak I…I goes to Timbuktu, around the mountain and down in the valley to express my point. Happy thanksgiving 2wrongs…!!! Love you in Jesus name.

  • And another thing…I am so sick and tired of the expression/term old school and OG. When Jesus came the old was fulfilled and completed. Hence…Old Testament…..New Testament…..!!!! Is that so hard to concieve. God is a God that does not change but HE did not say that we as human beings or HIS children did not have to change. How in the hell can you be born again and still talking about you are old skool. Something is way off with that rationale to me. Ok all you old skool folk how bout this trading in your fancy cars for a old model T Ford. Get rid of your Plasma Tv and go to the Goodwill and get your family a tube television. Get rid of your ipod,sound system, and get yourself a gramaphone. Get rid of your 800 dollars suits and get yourself some knickerbockers and some lace up boots. Trade in your cell phone and landline for a switch board party line. And finally get rid of your computer and go back to the old fashion typewritter and that Z1 computer built in 1936. Get out of here. Times are changing and will forever continue to change. What worked yesterday doesn’t fit todays culture.IN THE 60’S GROWING UP I RECIEVED DISCIPLINE FROM SOUND MINDED FOLK, DRUG AND ALCOLHOL FREE, PTSD FREE PARENTS, AND THO I MAY HAVE TRIED TO BE A “BAD”GIRL AND SMOKE AND DRINK THE MESS I GOT A HOLD OF WAS NOTHING COMPARED TO THE ESSENCES OF THE VICES THAT THIS GENERATION HAS TO CONTEND WITH.
    It’s not so much that I would have been tired to tell my parents no or to even think about striking them more than it is that I NEVER FELT OVER THE TOP ENOUGH IN MY EMOTIONS TO EVER WANT TO HURT THEM LIKE THAT…..I deeply loved my parents. That is the problem…..THERE IS NO LOVE IN TODAYS GENERATION AND TRULY YOU CAN ATTEMPT TO BEAT THE HELL OUT OF THEM BUT TRUST ME WHEN I SAY IT IS ULTIMATELY IMPOSSIBLE TO BEAT THE LOVE THAT THEY NEED INTO THEM. old school wake up!!!!!