Roland S. Martin Daily Podcast 06.15.12: Roland Martin, April Ryan Discuss Pres. Obama’s Economic Speech And If The Obama Administration Is Taking Black Voters For Granted

Roland Martin talks with April Ryan about President Obama’s recent economic speech, how the economy will impact the 2012 presidential election and if the Obama Administration is taking African-American voters for granted.

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  • I have to say I am pretty sick of watching and heariing Obama fight for every dog, cat, bird,illegal alien but never does he acknowledge the plight of the black community in some areas the uemployment rate is as much as 50% this guy is a piece of work It will be virtually  impossible for me to support him I don’t think his policies support the needs of the black community he has done NOTHING to address not ONE singe issue detremental to the black commuty I see Obama as an Oreo using blacks only when he needs them to pul his ass through the eye of the needle and as soon as he is safe on the other side the forgets that blacks even exist at this point he is nauseauting to me I am a black senior citizen and from what I can see he has done everything in his power to  disenfranchise black ppl just like the white men . he is no different than the GOP For blacks we are looking at an era from the past not because because we don’t want and deserve a better life we continue to be pushed to the back of the bus and denied opportunities that are lavasily given to people who are here illegally. this is not good policy but don’t worry these same pp will break this country for every thing it’s worth.personally  I am sick of how this country treats black ppl.that includes barack obama et al.

  • Benrgaines

    At one time I had great respect for you (roland Martin) but your credibility has been erased.  I think that you are a true homophobe.  While your tweets that got you suspended from CNN, weren’t overtly homophobic the undertones were very clear.  I’m very surprised that you don’t just ride off into the sunset and take your wife with you.  The world need less hate.