ROLAND S. MARTIN: President Obama Should Address Gang Violence In Chicago And Around The Nation (VIDEO)

Roland Martin and Ted Rowlands appear on OutFront with CNN’s Erin Burnett to discuss gang violence and the surging murder rate in Chicago. In 2012 there were 244 deaths, up 35% from last year, outpacing the U.S. casualties in Afghanistan in the same year.

  • Terry McBride

    Obama can’t do nothing to stop murders, espsecially with congress in his way…As long as this country allows the sales of firearms , it will always be gang violence…gang members do not make guns or bring them in….It will not stop until it crosses over to the white cummunities..This country do not care that blacks are killing other blacks…it’s just doing them a favor….as long as it is not them, they do not care….Stop saling firearms…only the police should have guns…ask Trayvon Martin…Ooo u can’t cause he is dead ,and the cummunities sure enough cant stop it…If ppl step -up and report the crimes ,who will protect them , the police, they are part of the problem…I was took to a rival gang neighborhood and they said” He is a blood.” and left me to be beatin or killed…so u tell me …who can fix it !….Only GOD can fix this broken country…it’s only justice for a chosen few, a token to fools and the ignorant…whos fooling who….so Roland Martin, please stop with the wrong message that Obama can stop it…u sould like a republican…u know all presidents r puppets…                                                                                                                                        Terry A. McBride….

  • robjh1

    It’s time for black people to admit there is a problem.