S.C. Police Arrest Mom For Cheering During Daughter’s Graduation (VIDEO)

Source: Tonya Brown / WPDE NewsChannel 15

Shannon Cooper cheered as her daughter walked across the stage to get her diploma from South Florence High School Saturday night, but just minutes later, Shannon was handcuffed and arrested.

“Are ya’ll serious? Are ya’ll for real? I mean, that’s what I’m thinking in my mind. I didn’t say anything. I was just like OK, I can’t fight the law. I can’t argue with the police, but I’m like are you serious? I didn’t do any more than the others did. Which I feel like no one should have went to jail,” said Shannon.

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  • Im sure they couldve found far more important to do than mess with proud parents..This is ashame and a crime in itself. Whats the real story behind this because the more I think about it the more it seems false.