Supreme Court Refuses To Hear Obama Birth Certificate Challenge

Source: The Huffington Post

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court has refused to hear an appeal challenging President Barack Obama’s U.S. citizenship and his eligibility to serve as commander in chief.

Without comment, the high court on Monday refused to hear an appeal from Alan Keyes, Wiley Drake and Markham Robinson.

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled the challengers did not have legal standing to file the lawsuit.

The U.S. Constitution says only “a natural born citizen” may serve as president. The challengers allege that Obama, whose father was Kenyan, was born in that African country, rather than in Hawaii. They claim his Hawaii birth certificate is a forgery. Hawaii officials have repeatedly verified Obama’s citizenship.

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  • Sheila Anthony

    President Obama has done so much good for the countyry already, Why on earth can’t people see this ? I would seriously like to see them just admit they are still predjudist as their grandparents were?????   Get a life all you naysayers and stip bringing our beautiful country down to a lowerr level>>> to Republicansand southern Racists.