THE BIGGEST DAMNED LIE: Karl Rove Super PAC Ad Exaggerates Pres. Obama’s Impact On The Rise Of Debt (VIDEO)

This week’s winner of The Biggest Damned Lie is Karl Rove.

MR. MARTIN:  Ever since Pres. Barack Obama moved into the Oval Office, Republicans have been making a big deal about the size and growth of the national debt.  Of course, Republicans were not worried about the debt when, during the administration of their hero, Pres. Ronald Reagan, the debt increased by 54 percent.  Nor were they worried when, under Pres. George W. Bush, the debt increased by 38 percent.  And let’s not forget that Bush’s vice president, Dick Cheney, famously said, quote, “Reagan proved deficits don’t matter.”

But when the debt goes up when Pres. Barack Obama is in the White House. Carl Rove just can’t stand it.  So, his super PAC, Crossroads GPS, put out this ad.


VOICEOVER:  Why isn’t the economy stronger?  In the seconds it takes to watch this, our national debt will increase $1.4 million.  In 2008, Barack Obama said, “We can’t mortgage our children’s future on a mountain of debt.”  Now he’s adding 4 billion in debt every day, borrowing from China for his spending, every second, growing our debt faster than our economy.

Tell Obama, “Stop the spending.”

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MR. MARTIN:  No doubt, it’s a smart ad, because most Americans worry about the size of the debt.  Now, the numbers in the ad are pretty accurate, but blaming it all on Pres. Obama is where the distortions and half-truths come in.

Okay.  My producers wrote that.  We call them “lies.”


MR. MARTIN:  Here is what AdWatch in “The Washington Post” had to say about the ad, quote:  “…to call federal expenditures ‘his spending,’ as the ad does, ignores that the Republican-run House signed off on today’s spending levels.…”

And “The Washington Post” Fact Checker said this:  “…this ad exaggerates Obama’s impact on the rise of the debt, as it was not just spending, but a decline in revenue that is responsible for the sharp rise in federal budget deficits.”

Also, what’s important is that the Bush tax cuts, according to the CBO, contributed to our rising debt; and Republicans say keep those in line.  Now, according to the previous item, “The Washington Post” – they awarded the ad two out of four Pinocchios.”

So, Carl Rove, as expected, no shock, you brought this week’s …


MR. MARTIN:  That gets me in D.C.  They call things “misc-” — “taken out of context,” “mischaracterization” –


MR. MARTIN:  — “half-truths.”  I – where I grew up, my daddy said, “That’s a damn lie.”


MR. MARTIN:  [Chuckles.]

REP. BASS:  And you know, Roland, I sit on the Budget Committee – Paul Ryan’s committee – and one thing that is just not true of my Republican colleagues is that they want to cut government spending.  It’s just not true.  They just want to cut government spending in certain areas; and so they proposed, actually, to increase spending in the defense – on –

MR. MARTIN:  Right.

REP. BASS:  — the defense side, but they want to cut food stamps.  They want to cut WIC.  They want to cut programs that would help, you know, the – the most vulnerable in our society.  And they don’t want to take responsibility for their own spending, like the Bush tax cuts.

MR. MARTIN:  I[’ve] got to go to a break, but I – but I do – it cracks me up when I see people who want to take photos with policemen and firefighters, but then they love those local job cuts, and they say that’s “big government.”  And then –

REP. BASS:  Hate government workers!

MR. MARTIN:  — complain about those when the unemployment number goes down –

REP. BASS:  Yeah.

MR. MARTIN:  — and say, well, that’s how they[’ve] got to cut as well.

So, I say, “Do you want to cut teachers and police officers and firefighters?  Stop taking those pictures and calling yourselves patriots.”

  • imho I still think Tupac had it right in his song Changes.  I can’t help but wonder what he would think about things today.  Rove has been known as a liar for some time and still Americans will talk and listen to him.  I guess “That’s just the way it is.”