THE BIGGEST DAMNED LIE: Romney Claims Pres. Obama Did Nothing About Immigration In His First Three Years In Office (VIDEO)

This week’s winner of The Biggest Damned Lie is Mitt Romney. Romney stated in an interview on CBS News’ Face the Nation that President Obama did nothing about immigration during his first three years in office.

MR. MARTIN: It’s time now for…


MR. MARTIN:  Mitt, Mitt, Mitt, as Ronald Reagan said, “There you go again.”

This time, it’s about the President and immigration.  While CBS newsman Bob Schieffer asked you for times about your times about your reaction to the President’s new immigration policy, you changed the subject and said this.


MR. MITT ROMNEY:  As you know, he was – was President for the last three and-a-half years.  Did nothing on immigration.  Two years, he had a Democrat House and Senate [and] did nothing of a permanent or – or long-term basis.


MR. MARTIN:  The President said he would sign the Dream Act, which would have provided a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants who were brought to the United States by their parents at a young age.  You said you would veto the Dream Act.  The Democratic-controlled House passed the Dream Act in 2010.  It went to the Senate, where there were 55 votes for passage.  That was a majority, but Republicans used the filibuster rules to stop it.

So, if there is someone to blame for doing nothing on immigration, it’s senators.  It’s the U.S. Senate – and not the President.

Once again, Gov. Romney, you are ignoring the facts; so, therefore, you brought us this week’s …


MR. MARTIN:  All right?  [Chuckles.]