Tracy Martin Reflects On First Father’s Day Without Trayvon (VIDEO)


Source: CBS Miami

MIAMI – It will be a somber sobering Father’s Day for Tracy Martin; his first without his 17 year old son Trayvon. Martin released a special video message about the pain he is enduring as he waits for his son’s killer to be tried in court.

“I’ll share a prayer for all the dads throughout the nation who share this grief,” said Tracy Martin in the video. “Last year 30,000 fathers lost a son or a daughter from senseless gun violence.”

Martin asks others to contact the governor in their state to repeal stand your ground laws. George Zimmerman killed Trayvon and wasn’t arrested for months because of the stand your ground law. It is still unclear if he will be found guilty of a crime for shooting the teen.

“Ask them to review these dangerous laws,” said Martin in the video. “If we do, next year thousands more dads will have a happy Father’s Day with their children and not the toughest one of their life without them.”

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