Washington Watch with Roland Martin, 06.24.12, Video Podcast


At the top of our agenda this week, the GOP mugs Attorney General Eric Holder. Is Mitt Romney trying to suppress good economic news in swing states? What will Romney say when he addresses the NAACP?

Our newsmaker guest, the Rev. Fred Luter, Jr., the first African-American president of the 167-year-old Southern Baptist Convention. In the “Washington Watch” roundtable, Keli Goff, contributing editor of loop21.com; Pennsylvania state senator Vincent Hughes; Deborah Simmons, senior correspondent for “The Washington Times”; and Michael Fletcher, national economics correspondent for “The Washington Post.”

Dr. Cedric Bright, chairman of the National Medical Association, and what you should ask of politicians before you give them your vote when it comes to healthcare; and Jada Pinkett Smith on the sexual exploitation of young girls.

Plus, actor and rapper Ice T on the history of rap, who told “The Biggest Damn Lie” this week; Eddie Levert at his birthday party; and the First Lady shows off her Double Dutch skills.

It’s happening right now on “Washington Watch.”

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