WATCH: ‘Daily Show’ Tears Apart Florida Governor Rick Scott’s Voter Purge (VIDEO)

Source: Christine Friar / The Huffington Post

Florida Governor Rick Scott recently passed a law requiring all new voters in the state to submit their completed voter registration forms within 48 hours of filling them out. If they wait even a minute longer than that allotted time, the forms become void. While the law may not sound absurd at first blush, things get more complicated when you consider how many people register through third parties — like volunteers from the League of Women Voters. And how many newly-registered voters are Democrats and Independents.

After “The Daily Show” heard that the law has already caused a 20% decrease in new voter registration, they decided to head down to Florida and see what’s really going on.

John Oliver sat down and talked to John Fund from the National Review and Ann McFall, the Volusia County Supervisor of Elections, and found something shocking: these forms are out of control.

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