ABC News: Mitt Romney Says Policy Discussion About Gun Control Should Wait

Source:  Shushannah Walshe / ABC News

Mitt Romney said now is “not a time to be talking about the politics associated with what happened in Aurora” during an interview Monday, but said legislation he signed while governor of Massachusetts to ban weapons like those used in the Friday massacre was a “combination of efforts” of groups on both sides of the debate.

“The law that we signed in Massachusetts was a combination of efforts both on the part of those that were for additional gun rights and those that opposed gun rights, and they came together and made some changes that provided, I think, a better environment for both, and that’s why both sides came to celebrate the signing of the bill,” Romney told CNBC’s Larry Kudlow,according to a transcript released before the evening airing of the interview. “Where there are opportunities for people of reasonable minds to come together and find common ground, that’s the kind of legislation I like. The idea of one party jamming through something over the objection of the other tends to divide the nation, not make us a more safe and prosperous place. So if there’s common ground, why I’m always willing to have that kind of a conversation.”

As Massachusetts governor, Romney signed into law the first state ban on assault weapons. That ban outlawed the type of rifle, an AR-15, which was one of the guns used in Friday’s shooting. Police say the suspect, James Holmes also used a shotgun and two pistols to kill 12 attending the midnight movie and injure 59 others.

In the interview, the presumptive GOP nominee stressed that it’s time “to reach out to others in their community” and “get on to policy down the road.”

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