African-American Unemployment Rate Rose To 14.4 Percent In June

Source: Joyce Jones / BET

On Thursday, the Labor Department reported that applications for unemployment benefits fell by 14,000 in the week ending June 30 to 374,000, its lowest level since mid-May. Experts often consider such drop-offs good news because they signal that there have been fewer layoffs. But pessimists say that it actually means that people have lost hope and have abandoned their job searches.

“I think it might be better than most people expect. The numbers that came out in terms of first-time jobless claims were much lower than expected, the ADP report says the economy added 76,000 more jobs than predicted and residential construction is up,” said Thomas Boston, an economist at Georgia Tech University.

He was not, however, so optimistic about the African-American unemployment figure, which he suggested could go up after last month’s “big dip.” If indeed the economy is improving, the old adage “first fired, last hired” will probably affect Black jobless numbers.

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  • Strong_tower

    The rise of African American Unemployment began in 2007 and subsequent to that time has teatered between 12 and 14 %.  #inheritance The predominate group are those aged 20-24.  So when its reported that there is an incease or decrease is it more noticable or popular because of it being an election year or because some folks have been struggling since 2007 to make ends meet.  btws this doesn’t really account for part time work or temporary jobs.