C-SPAN: Black Clergy Group Opposes President Obama On Gay Marriage

Source: C-SPAN

A group of African-American clergy opposed to same-sex marriage speak about their campaign to oppose President Obama’s re-election.

Rev. William Owens, President and Founder of the Coalition of African-American Pastors, believes that President Obama takes the vote of the black community for granted and that he is putting the interests of his gay supporters ahead of the religious beliefs of his African-American backers.

A recent poll conducted by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life found that 47% of whites support gay marriage compared to 39% of blacks.

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  • How can the church be so close minded and encourage people to be one issue voters. Then they give the backwards uninformed statement that they don’t suggest voting for Romney, just don’t vote. Not voting is a vote for Romney. If the church keeps voters home then they are as bad as the GOP oppressing blacks in the name of GOD….http://buildbackwards.blogspot.com/2012/05/gay-rights-religious-oppression-and-you.html



  • MEF

    I remain amazed at the ignorance of the African American community on the issue of gay marriage.  We are too ignorant to see that the right wing is using this issue to divide us and to get us to support the republican party in this election.  You stupid African American clergy, go right on ahead and not vote for Obama and let the Republicans gain the White House again.  You will be responsible for the terrible consequences for this decision.  While you are at it, why don’t some of you learn to read the Bible taking into account the CONTEXT of the time when it was written and stop misinterpreting the Bible.  This whole situation is just sickening….


       Your comment was not taken well by this reader. You are showing your ignorance. SMH

      • Bizzgirl3

        He telling the truth, don’t be fooled be educated…they should have rights. You do! Murderers do

  • jjbrock

    These men do not represent the community as a whole, they are speaking for themselves only. I believe they are on the wrong side of history on this issue and history will prove it. This is a civil rights issue and a free will choice, it have nothing to do with the Christian church.

  • Lcoleman39

    Mr. Williams Owens will not be influencing my vote — That is all….

  • Are you serious?  This is why there should be separation of church and state. On both sides. Gay is against God’s law, yes. But in the US it’s a socio-political issue, not a matter of God. Republicans have sold the gullible the notion that family values and Christianity is a part of their ideology, when it has NEVER been more than a marketing strategy for their party brand. If you bought into it, you’ve been scammed. There are plenty of Republicans who are homosexuals. As for religions, just look at the Catholics and these megachurch leaders. Our focus must be on what impacts us — JOBS, and the local/state decisions made on education, criminality, your rights as a US citizen. You have to show up at the primaries, the midterm elections, 2012 Elections are imperative. If you want Pres. Obama to do more about getting you jobs, you’d better vote out the Congress that’s stopping him. Educate yourselves in the reality and respond to it. #itsonyou #vote2012

  • pumabydesign001

    I must admit that I do not understand those who treat Obama as if the man walks on water.  It simply does not register with many Black Americans that they have foresaken their souls for the color of someone’s skin.

    If Obama says jump, many (far too many) Blacks ask “how high.”

    Enough of the blaming the right.  Even more incredible is that many on the left blames right for that which the left itself is guilty.  

    Wake up Black America.  Barack is feeding you a bad bill of goods and leading you down the road to serfdom.  It’s too late to wake up after you arrive.