Egyptian Kidnappers Release American Hostages, Official Says

Source: Mohamed Fadel Fahmy / CNN

Cairo – Kidnappers in Egypt have released two Americans and their Egyptian tour guide after holding them hostage for three days, a security official said Monday.

“They are at security headquarters with us now, in good condition. The negotiations succeeded, but we did not give in to the kidnappers’ demands,” said Gen. Ahmed Bakr, head of security in northern Sinai.

The freed Americans told CNN they are happy and relieved.

“We are heading directly to Israel to join the members of our church as soon as we get our passports sent to us from Cairo,” said Michel Louis, the pastor of a Pentecostal church in Boston. “I tell my family I am in good health and in good spirits, but I have not taken my medicine since Friday, so I am a little tired ”

Family members had previously said that Louis suffers from diabetes and they weren’t sure if he had his medicine.

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