Florida Judge Sets Bond At $1 Million For George Zimmerman, Says He’s A Manipulator

Source: MSNBC

A Florida judge granted bond Thursday for George Zimmerman, the man who shot and killed teenager Trayvon Martin. It’s the second time Zimmerman has been given bail ahead of his trial.

Judge Kenneth Lester set bond at $1 million, but Zimmerman will only need to come up with 10 percent, with the rest provided by a bail bondsman, NBC News reported.

Conditions of his freedom include refraining from criminal activity, alcohol, and contact with Martin’s family; not getting a passport or going to the Orlando-Sanford airport; and checking in with the pre-trial release department of the court every 48 hours.

Zimmerman also is not allowed to leave Seminole County without authorization, and he will be subject to electronic monitoring at his expense, Lester wrote.

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