Jackson Family Drama: Is All Of This Drama Paris Jackson’s Fault? Gladys Knight, Star Jones Weigh In (VIDEO)

Roland Martin and Marvet Britto appear on HLN’s ShowBiz Tonight with host A.J. Hammer to discuss who is really at fault for unearthing this recent round of Jackson family drama. Gladys Knight says Paris needs to respect her elders and Star Jones weighs in.

  • Jerzee529

    I wouldn’t say it’s ‘her fault’, but she shouldn’t have been tweeting about her grandmother.  The media did feed off of her tweets.

    • Edwardhardy66

      The fault lies with the people who wrote, signed, and then released that letter with the LIE that Katherine Jackson “recently had a mini-stroke” because of the MJ Estate. A 14 year-old girl reacted to this LIE by tweeting that her grandmother did NOT have a stroke. To add to the worry of this child and her siblings, her aunts and uncles-Janet, Rebbie, Randy and Jermaine REFUSED to allow this child to speak to her only “parent”-her grandmother for 11 days. IF these people who perpetuated this deception had ONLY allowed this child to talk to her grandmother, NONE of this would have happened, To make matters worse, not only did Paris want to know what was going on with her grandParent and just to hear her voice; her siblings wanted to do the same thing. BUT, these children were told by Janet that they could NOT speak to their guardian/grandparent. All of this would never have happened if Janet and Co. had not been trying to deceive, manipulate and scam the public, those children and the media. ALL of the fault lies with ADULTS-Janet, Randy, Jermaine and Rebbie- who acted like common crooks are are now too weak and cowardly to admit what they have done.

      • Jerzee529

         So what??? That was FAMILY drama!!! Mind your own business and guess what? The media is actually moving on from the story because they KNOW that this story shouldn’t have gotten as big as it did.  It was because of HER tweets.

        • Leo

          Are you crazy or just an ignorant fool? None of this was that child’s fault. What type of sick individuals blames a child for wanting to know where her Grandmother is? This child read and seen reporters that her grandma had a mini stroke. A letter released by Randy on twitter and signe by Janet,Rebbie,Jermaine,Tito and of course Randy. Paris was asked on twitter if her grandma was ok. She tweeted back that her Grandmother was fine and didn’t suffer a stroke. Then 7 days went by and this child and her brothers were not allowed to speak to her grandmother. Katherine’s cousin filed a missing persons report when they couldn’t find her or speak to her. A scared child asked the public for help to find the person who is responsible for her. She has already lost the only parent in her life. Instead of letting her speak with her own grandmother Janet and her shady crew deny that child access to Katherine. We know now that they tricked Katherine and wouldn’t let her contact her grand kids. None of this is Paris fault and anyone saying so is a low down dirty sob . You should be ashamed of yourself, but of course you won’t be!