Jackson Jr.’s Mom: He’s Had Years Of ‘Enormous Disappointment’ (VIDEO)

Source: Abdon M. Pallasch / Chicago Sun-Times

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.’s mother, Jacqueline Jackson, told a Rainbow/PUSH conference Friday that her son has suffered years of “enormous disappointment.”

“I’m not ashamed to say … he thought he was going to be a senator. He thought he was going to have a chance to run for mayor. And young people don’t bounce back from disappointment like me and my husband,” she said.

Rep. Jackson, son of Rainbow/PUSH founder the Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr., has checked himself into an inpatient treatment center — reportedly in Arizona — because of a mood disorder and exhaustion, his office said.

Around the same time he was taking a medical leave from his job as a congressman — a leave not announced until two weeks later — his friend and fund-raiser Raghuveer Nayak was arrested as part of an unrelated alleged fraud scheme.

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  • tiztiz

    There r a lot of people dealing with mood disorders in this DAMN economy!
    Remember the slogan “A Change Is Coming To America” four years later and the change has gotten WORSE.
    At least Jackson Jr has got good GOV’T health care and GOV’T pension he can depend on.
    Payed by us of course…

  • Mrs Jackson, I’m sorry but most of us have experienced disappointment and letdown in life…but I do wish the best for your son and pray he bounces back strong.

  • Dear Mr Martin,
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    (If I could I would care for the children for a little amount of costs, just for meeting the costs of living.It’s for enjoyment and happiness not for greed.)These news should be spread as widely as possible to help the Jackson family!Thank you, Mr Martin, for your positive and honest reports. It’s really serious for Mrs Katherine Jackson, her children and grand children. Maybe some petition will help, how can we fans help?God bless.:)