KEN COLEMAN: Redefining Tolerance: The Case Of Chick-fil-A

Source: Ken Coleman / The Huffington Post

In a war of words, the words we use should matter. A search in the dictionary for tolerance is helpful. Tolerance is defined as a “fair, objective and permissive attitude toward those whose opinions, practices, race, religion, nationality, differ from one’s own.”

Increasingly, we see a well-oiled publicity machine that is redefining tolerance as, “either you agree with me or you need to button your lips.” Those who throw the labels of intolerance and bigotry at those who share an opposing opinion are ironically modeling a glaring lack of tolerance.

Who among us would disagree that what we believe and how we see the world are indeed very personal? Each of us get to choose what we believe. Does our opinion hold greater value than those we disagree with?

How then should we as members of a civilized society react when someone says something we passionately disagree with or find personally offensive?

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