Lawsuit Filed In Police Shooting Death Of Ailing Veteran At His Home

Source: Pauline Kim / CNN

The family of a former Marine fatally shot by police inside his White Plains, New York, apartment filed a $21 million federal lawsuit Monday morning.

“Today, Kenneth Chamberlain Jr. filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the city of White Plains and the officers who we allege were responsible for his father’s death,” said the family’s lawyer, Randolph McLaughlin. “While one officer fired the fatal shot, the other officers were all involved in the siege at Mr. Chamberlain’s door and the brutality when they forced the door down and entered his apartment.”

Kenneth Chamberlain Sr., 68, was fatally shot early November 19 by police who had responded to a medical alert. Chamberlain, who was unarmed, apparently had accidentally set off the alert pendant that he wore around his neck.

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  • robjh1

    Another lawsuit against the police for doing their job?  What is this?