MEDIAITE: Chicago Murders Prompt Geraldo Brag: ‘I Was Right About The Hoodie’ (VIDEO)

Source:  Noah Rothman / Mediaite

On Fox & Friends on Friday, Geraldo Rivera joined to cast to talk about a spike in homicides in Chicago that has left several children dead. He said that some of those shootings in Chicago occurred because the victim was wearing “thug wear,” prompting him to gloat that, despite the criticism he received for the observation, he was right that Trayvon Martin was killed primarily because he was wearing a hoodie.

“I was right about the hoodie wasn’t I,” said Rivera. “I hate to brag, but I got criticized by every pundit in America when I said Trayvon Martin would be alive today but for the fact that he was wearing thug wear – he was wearing the hoodie. Turns out now that we look at George Zimmerman’s interviews with the police; he didn’t profile Trayvon Martin because he was black, he profiled him because he was wearing a hoodie.”

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  • Geraldo and anyone else who doesn’t see or believe that the issue of Black on Black crime hasn’t been and continues to be addressed by the black community and it’s leaders are so out of touch with the pulse of the community.  I was about to post the myriad of instances of such but have decided not to waste that much time with those who have an OBVIOUS  agenda.  #don’