More Evidence Released In Trayvon Martin Case

Source: Gary Strauss, Marisol Bello and Yamiche Alcindor / USA Today

A Florida state attorney’s release Thursday of FBI reports surrounding the death of Trayvon Martin shows that his accused killer and self-appointed neighborhood watchman had a pattern of calling authorities about criminal activities and safety issues in the neighborhood.

The 284-page report from special prosecutor Angela Corey shows that George Zimmerman made a half dozen calls to Sanford police in the months leading up to his fatal February altercation with Martin, 17. Zimmerman has been charged with second-degree murder in connection with the unarmed African-American’s death. Zimmerman, 28, has said he acted in self-defense.

The report is part of a Justice Department investigation to determine if Martin’s civil rights were violated and Zimmerman’s actions were racially motivated, and its findings could be used by both prosecutors and Zimmerman’s defense team.

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  • DennisCLatham

    it’s sad that so many are focused on zimmerman (1 leaf on the tree) – but refuse to look at THE ROOT of the problem in this area and all over America – that police station has a history of freeing whites who commit hate crimes and wicked crimes against non-whites –

    Just look at justin collison – freed and never jailed for attempted murder in 2007 and against freed and never jailed in 2010 in punching and knocking out a black homeless guy – all in Sandford, FL – but because he was white, son of a Sanford cop – he walks free in America ….