Panhandler Says He Made $60,000 A Year Begging On Street

Source: The Huffington Post

No soup kitchen for this beggar. Shane Warren Speegle told Oklahoma City police he made $60,000 panhandling last year.

“Why would I go get a job?” he said to an officer who approached him earlier this month, according to

Speegle, 45, carried a 4-foot-by-4-foot sign requesting money for travel and food at an Oklahoma City intersection, noted A cop warned him that he couldn’t panhandle without a license, but Speegle suggested that a $200 daily permit was within his means, reported.

A $60,000 salary puts Speegle in the average-income realm of architects, appraisers and computer programmer analysts, according to It also puts Speegle comfortably above the U.S. median household income of between $49,434 and $51,413, BusinessInsider pointed out.

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