CHICAGO TRIBUNE: Rep. Jackson’s wife ‘Hopeful’ Doctors Will Release Medical Details Soon

Source: Katherine Skiba and Monique Garcia / Chicago Tribune

Ald. Sandi Jackson, whose husband’s mysterious month-long leave of absence has prompted questions and calls for more disclosure, said Wednesday she is hopeful physicians will release details soon about the congressman.

“I’m hopeful that my husband’s doctors will be able to release something soon,” she told the Tribune. “I’m in constant talks with them about Jesse’s condition and his medical prognosis going forward.”

Rep. Jesse Jackson, 47, a Chicago Democrat, has been on a medical leave since June 10, but his aides and family have declined to disclose the nature of his medical problem, where he is being treated or when he may return to work.

Jackson’s father, the Rev. Jesse Jackson, refused to talk about his son’s condition during the annual conference of Operation Rain PUSH today.

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