Roland S. Martin Daily Podcast 07.03.12: When Things Fall Apart: What Happens To People Suffering From Mental Illness When Budge Cuts Force Mental Health Facilities To Close?

Roland Martin talks with Dr. Carl Bell about what happens to people with mental illness when budget cuts cause mental health facilities are shut down.

The state of Illinois has enacted drastic budget cuts that affect facilities for the developmentally disabled and mentally ill forcing many of them to close.

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  • M I Todd

    This is what happens to people who can not advocate for themselves.  Unless those of us who are able bodied advocate for people that suffer from mental illness, the spinless politicians will cut funding for mental health programs  and institutions.   Would we stand silent if politicians cut funding for cancer or heart disease?  I don’t think so…what is the difference between physical health and mental health?  They both cause pain and hurt, and may result in financial ruin or death.