Roland S. Martin Daily Podcast 07.27.12: Can Chick-Fil-A Be Legally Barred From Opening Up Stores As A Result Of Dan Cathy’s Opinion On Same-Sex Marriage?

Roland Martin talks with Midwin Charles about the Chick-Fil-A fallout. Can Chick-Fil-A be legally barred from opening a store as a result of social/political views?

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    DON’T CAVE IN CHICK FIL A. Listen we can all agree to disagree and this is what we have here a stalemate. If you are gay or a lesbian you have to understand that everybody is not going to agree with you. You can not force your lifestyle down everybody’s throat. Just like any group in the states we will always have issues or positions that others will never agree with. As a group you will have to understand that and move on. That does not mean that your group nor other groups can be so persistent that you can shut down business because they do not agree with your lifestyle. That is the path that you chose or as you state you were born that way. Fine, then you will have to get it into your head that you will have to learn to coexist not create non existence.